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Currently my schedule is quite full. I am still accepting projects on a case-by-case basis, depending on requirements and timeline. If I cannot accept your project, I will try to provide referrals to other qualified designers/developers who could help.



I offer some graphic services, particularly for image editing and layout, such as CD & Book covers. I occasionally work on vector graphics and logos, but am less likely to accept such projects, since they are not my primary professional focus.

Web Development, Usability, & Design

I offer front-end development services, which can include design & usability decision making, or can be limited to implementation of a provided design. Development includes all web environments: desktop, tablet, and mobile in the preferred method for your project. While my experience includes basic database and server management, I am most likely to take projects limited to a front-end development scope.

Support & Consultation

Most of my clients choose to maintain an ongoing contract with me for continued maintenance, improvements, monitoring, and consultation.

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